March MATness

Wow!  With all the madness of March MATness it’s been some time since I’ve been able to add anything to the blog.  Wondering what March MATness is?  It’s an annual celebration of Joseph Pilates’ work in its original form as explained in his book Return to Life through Contrology – Contrology was what Joe called his exercise regime, it only …


New exercises and variations every week, and heaven forbid every lesson, smacks of a bored instructor.  Or perhaps one who just ‘needs’ to show you their extensive repetoire…..  Do you not think that setting solid foundations, and building on these week-by-week would be a better option?

Thought for the New Year….

The first wealth is health – Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Truer words were never spoken, for without your health you have nothing.  In 2019, make a commitment to look after yourself – eat healthily, exercise often (Pilates is perfect!), do something you love at least once a week, visit family and friends, be kind to a stranger – all or even …

Follow the fundamentals

‘Whenever you find yourself struggling in your workout, it might help to rediscover the fundamental principles of Pilates.  By deepening your understanding and skill of the simpler exercises, you’ll build the strength, control and flexibility you need for more complicated movements.’ Sandy Shimoda, Vintage Pilates, Los Angeles, CA