More to Pilates than just reformers

In this day and age, I feel like I only ever hear people (sadly including a lot of instructors) talk about equipment Pilates – very few references are even made to matwork.  And what’s more, the reference to equipment Pilates translates to reformer work.  It is as if the world has forgotten about all the other amazing Pilates equipment that exists, and that each piece has a purpose and builds and enhances the Pilates journey.  In fact, I recently heard of one ‘studio’ selling their cadillac – not to upgrade it, but to replace it with another reformer or two to cram into an already overcrowded space!


Now don’t misunderstand me, the reformer is a fantastic apparatus but only one piece of a fabulous suite of equipment.  A good studio with expert instructors, teaching quality Pilates should have more than just reformers because the ‘average Joe’ isn’t ready to bounce into a studio and jump straight onto a reformer and start doing work far beyond their capabilities.


As a client you put your faith in your instructor, and trust that he or she knows their craft, and let’s face it we all have plenty to learn and don’t know what we don’t know.  But, I can guarantee you that there is an whole host of instructors out there who aren’t completing any continuing education so are not able to offer the most up-to-date information on Pilates and Pilates movement – you as a client have no control over that, however you do have control over what you research and what you decide is right or wrong for you.  Unsure about your studio now?  Why not do some homework and find a studio with some equipment other than reformers, and give it a try.  I guarantee you’re going to open up a whole new Pilates world and your journey will be AMAZING!!

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