To medicate or not to medicate?

In both the studio and also at dance class I often hear clients who are in pain from an injury or an ongoing medical condition, say ‘oh I never take pain medication’.  Now I am not a physician, a pharmacist or a naturopath,  and therefore I am absolutely not handing out advice saying to take pain medication or even dose up on natural pain relief.  What I do know however, is that if you suffer from chronic or constant pain, your body is telling you that something is not quite right within.  Your first port of call if possible is rest, and perhaps ice or heat for relief.  In some instances depending on the pain, gentle stretching could possibly help.


However, if this does not provide any or enough relief, you should consider consulting your g.p, local pharmacist or naturopath.  They will be able to better assess your needs, and if or when necessary recommend appropriate pain relief.


I want to reiterate, that I am not advocating ‘popping pills’ every day, but I do believe that there is no need to suffer unduly for the sake of being so virtuous that you can say ‘I never take anything for the pain’.


In the end it is an individual decision that must sit comfortably within your ethical sphere, but why not take the time to open your mind, consult professionals, consider their advice, and then make an informed decision?  Of course sometimes all we need is a tweak to the diet or exercise routine for pain management, but seeking out help and knowing what to do is the best thing that you can do for your body.

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